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We call on everyone to protect the environment, Protect natural resources, And use forest resources in an orderly and legal manner. 


Qingdao Top Woods obtained FSC certification in 2023. We call on everyone to protect the environment, protect natural resources, and use forest resources in an orderly and legal manner. We guarantee that the raw materials of the products we produce and sell are sourced from non-endangered species and are legally harvested.

China National Forest Product Industry Association

The National Forest Products Industry Association is mainly to play a role as a bridge between the government and enterprises, to unite and rely on industry forces, to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the industry and members; to assist government management departments in industry management; to carry out technical exchanges, to hold new product exhibitions, and to strengthen domestic Cooperation and contact with foreign counterparts; opening up domestic and international markets, promoting industry innovation and technological advancement.
As a governing unit of the National Forest Products Industry Association, Qingdao Top Woods  actively participates in and promotes the development of various work of the Association and makes its own contribution to the Chinese forestry industry.

China Timber & Wood Products Distribution Association

The China Wood and Wood Products Circulation Association is an industry association approved by the Ministry of Civil Affairs. The association is committed to the development of wood and wood products in the field of production and circulation, and guides the development of various economic activities of member companies in light of national policies and market prospects. .
As a member unit, Qingdao Top Woods actively participates in various activities organized by the association and actively carries out various overseas economic activities under the promotion of the association.


Qingdao Top Woods as the governing unit of Qingdao Private Economy International Cooperation Chamber of Commerce, actively promotes the economic cooperation of private enterprises in Qingdao abroad, and actively promotes chamber activities with its own overseas business activities.

Qingdao Cross-border Electronic Commerce Association

The association was established to promote the healthy development of cross-border e-commerce industry in Qingdao, to enhance the competitiveness and independent innovation capability of enterprises, to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of cross-border e-commerce enterprises, and to reflect the recommendations of cross-border e-commerce enterprises.
As a member of the board of directors, Qingdao Top Woods actively promotes and participates in the work of the association.
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