Qingdao Top Woods was established 2002 in the city of Linyi, which is the largest wood products manufacture in China. It's your plywood factory in China which can produce customized   
                                                 products with professional technology.  We have CARB, FSC, CE, ISO, F17, etc.. Our mission is endless innovation,providing customers with high quality products and services.
Over 19 years experience of independent research, manufacturing and marketing both domestic and abroad
Export to over 80 countries

20 production lines with advanced production facility

100% satisfaction Guaranteed 24/7 Customer


QINGDAO TOP P&Q GROUP, Founded in 2007, Is a modern group company which specializing in researching and developing, Producing and trading wood panels, mask, wipes and electric bicycles.
There are four wholly-owned subsidiaries, Qingdao Top Woods, Qingdao Top Future, Wuxi United Mobility and WEE sports technology GMBH in Germany. 


From the harvesting of logs to manufacturing and delivering, Top Woods takes great interest in every process to obtain the fine panels to our customers. With more than 10 QC working in the field, selecting, measuring and controlling, we keep the inferior sheets off our load and make sure every sheets we deliver is as promised. 


We call on everyone to protect the environment, Protect natural resources, And Use forest resources in an orderly and Legal manner. We guarantee that the raw materials of the products we produce and Sell are sourced from non-endangered species and Are legally harvested.


The plywood company held a team building activities for the Spring Festival
February 22, 2021

In order to relax the employees who have worked hard for a year and welcome the arrival of the new year, Qingdao Top plywood company organized a team building activity to celebrate the Spring Festival: flying experience and collaborative stacking experience.

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Only 30% of wood processing companies are still in production
January 13, 2021

At present, Shandong, Jiangsu, Guangdong, Fujian and other places, the country's many provinces and regions of the factory has been shut down. Due to the epidemic prevention and control, workers have returned to their homeland for the holidays ahead of schedule.

Merry Christmas To You
December 24, 2020

Wishing you every happiness when Christmas is near, and expressing appreciation for your cares and concerns during the year!

The Main core board of plywood
December 09, 2020

Main core board of plywoodPlywood is one of the commonly used materials for furniture decoration. It is a kind of man-made board; it is generally used to make the base material of melamine board, or the base material of decorative fireproof board. So what kind of wood is the common plywood? Is it en

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TOP P&Q GROUP is a modern group company which specializing in researching and developing, Producing and Trading wood panels, mask, wipes and Electric sports bicycles. 


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