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The plywood company held a team building activities for the Spring Festival

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In order to relax the employees who have worked hard for a year and welcome the arrival of the new year, Qingdao Top plywood company organized a team building activity to celebrate the Spring Festival: flying experience and collaborative stacking experience. Let employees know more about team spirit in activities, be more united in work in 2021, and serve our plywood, MDF and other board customers more attentively.

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As we all know, team building can clarify the goals of the team, enhance the team spirit of employees. Through clear division of labor and cooperation, improve the team's ability to deal with problems better, exercise the team to cooperate with each other for common goals, and complete tasks better and faster. 

Secondly, it can also enhance mutual understanding between employees, allow employees to tolerate and trust each other, allow team members to respect each other, and enhance team cohesion.

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Has your company conducted team building activities in 2021? 

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