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The Main core board of plywood

Plywood is one of the commonly used materials for furniture decoration. It is a kind of man-made board; it is generally used to make the base material of melamine board, or the base material of decorative fireproof board. So what kind of wood is the common plywood? Is it environmentally friendly?

Wood raw materials for making plywood

Nowadays, the most common plywood wood material in the market is poplar. The reasons for choosing poplar are as follows:

1. Common and low cost:

The largest production tree species in China is poplar. Poplar is widely planted in the area north of the Yangtze River, almost all of the original ecological poplar, and it is fast-growing, it can be harvested in five or six years and it is convenient to obtain materials. However, due to the small planting area of other tree species, fast-growing varieties are often required to meet the production needs, and the quality of fast-growing varieties is quite different from the original ecological wood.

The best poplar in China is the wild poplar in Northeast China. Due to the low temperature and the longer growth cycle of poplar, the wood quality is better.

2. Less wood knots and easy processing:

Poplar has less scarring. Many friends in the board industry know the impact of wood scars on the quality and appearance of the board, so the less scars, the better for the board. Poplar, which has less scars, has also become the first choice for many companies.

Compared with other woods, poplar is an easy-to-process product, which saves production costs and makes it easier to control production quality.

3. Good quality:

Among many wood species, poplar is one of the most durable and stocked tree species. The use of poplar to produce multilayer solid wood panels better guarantees the quality of finished furniture. The use of poplar to make plywood is important for resource utilization and environmental protection. Has a great effect.

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